Digicert EV Code Signing Certificates

Give Customers the Confidence to Trust Your Code With EV Code Signing
EV Code Signing Certificates protect your customer, your brand, and your intellectual property by making your applications identifiable and harder to falsify or damage with a time-stamped digital signature certified by Digicert which is a Trusted Certificate Authorities.

A EV Code Signing Certificate is strongly recommended for any publisher intending to distribute code or other content over the Internet or over corporate networks. Software and other content providers who wish to provide extra assurance to their customers about who produced the content and that it has not been tampered with should use EV Code Signing Certificates. Newer operating systems and Internet browsers are often set to higher security levels, which often require signed content. Building upon traditional code signing certificates the EV Code Signing Certificates takes security to another level wit the use of a hardware token and PIN used in the signing process. This usage of the hardware token allows for instant high reputation in Microsoft's Smart Screen Filter found in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11.

EV Code Signing Certificates Support Multiple Applications
You can sign as many applications or other content with one certificate as you wish, provided that the applications are going to be used for and distributed by the organization that owns the certificate.

How Does A EV Code Signing Certificate Work?
Code signing uses embedded digital signatures to assure the publisher details and content integrity of downloadable code. Code signing certificates are valid for one, two, or three years depending on which duration was specified when the certificate was purchased. Illustrated below is how the process works using the special hardware token used in EV Code Signing. There are 2 images to show how this works. The first image below is the EV Code Signing Certificate process. The 2nd image is the verification step that the software uses to verify the certificate is authentic.

EV Code Signing Certificate Process     EV Code Signing Certificate Verification
EV Code Signing Certificate Process   Verification Of EV Code Signing Certificate


Digicert EV Code Signing Certificates

Digicert EV Code Signing Certificate

The EV Code Signing process can provide reputation service within browsers, operating systems, and security software an additional source of confidence in applications signed with EV Code Signing certificates. Digicert has partnered with Microsoft to integrate EV Code Signing certificate status with their SmartScreen® reputation services in Internet Explorer and Windows 8.

Programs signed by an EV Code Signing certificate can immediately establish reputation with SmartScreen reputation services even if no prior reputation exists for that file or publisher. This means there are potentially fewer warning messages when a user tries to run your application.

Digicert EV Code Signing Benefits:
  • Highest Level of Organizational Vetting
  • Hardware Token to protect your keys
  • Extended Validation Reputation For Microsoft's SmartScreen Filter
1 year
2 year
3 year
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