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Apple Mac Code Signing Certificates

Thawte Code Signing Certificates For Apple Mac - Platinum Partner

With Apple code signing from Thawte, you can assure users that your code and content is safe to download, and protect your most valuable business asset: your reputation. Apple Code signing authenticates the code's source and confirms the integrity of content distributed online. Thawte Code Signing Certificates for Apple Mac are used to digitally sign applications, plug-ins and content for Apple Mac OS X desktops.

  • Digitally sign Apple desktop applications
  • Protect your brand and your reputation with a trusted digital signature
1 year
2 year
3 year

Thawte Code Signing Benefits and Features

  • Inspire user confidence by showing customers your verified identity and the integrity of your code.
  • Protect brand assets and reputation by preventing your code from being damaged or falsified and making it easy to recall.
  • Buy, renew, and manage code signing certificates with a single, secure sign-in to Thawte Certificate Center.
  • Save time and money by purchasing multi-year Code Signing Certificates.
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining code with a free timestamp.

How Thawte Code Signing Works

Thawte Code Signing Certificates create a unique digital signature with identification information about the publisher of the code and proof of the code's integrity. Microsoft applications such as Internet Explorer, Exchange, Outlook and Outlook Express have security features to check for a digital signature and recommend whether or not code should be trusted.

When a user encounters unsigned executables, a security warning pops up or content fails to load, depending on the user's security settings.

When a signed executable is encountered, a pop-up notification shows the verified identity of the publisher and the user decides whether or not to trust the code. By clicking "More Info", the user can inspect the certificate.

Code Signing Certificate

Thawte Code Signing Enrollment Process

Thawte Certificate Center allows you to buy, renew, and manage all your certificates with a single sign-in:

  • Select certificate options and a validity period.
  • Enter required contact information.
  • Enter certificate information (choose the default if you are not sure), create a backup and follow instructions.
  • Enter organization and billing information.
  • Create a Thawte Certificate Center account or sign in to an existing account.
  • Pick up your certificate in Thawte Certificate Center after Thawte completes authentication.

NOTE: You must buy and retrieve your Thawte Code Signing Certificate from the same computer. Problems? Confirm that you are using the same computer, browser, and log-in profile used to enroll.

Your Thawte Code Signing Certificate contains your full organizational name and your public key. It can be used to digitally sign code and content during the certificate validity period.