Symantec Website Security Specialist

Certs 4 Less 
Is Proud To Be A Symantec Website Security Specialist

Website Security Specialist Partner:
Symantec recognizes partners in SSL and overarching website security solutions that deliver the right sized solution based on customer need in today's ever-changing threat landscape. Trusted Website Security Specialist Partner, Certs 4 Less / Hosting 4 Less, has showcased their ability to sell at all levels of the market, with a Symantec multi-brand mix, integrated in with the Symantec API, and is at the Platinum level within the Symantec Website Security Partner Program.

How does this translate to YOU? Our new designation means Certs 4 Less customers can have total confidence in the website security solutions we provide to them. We will offer you our customer the best solution for the given requirements your application requires. Our new status also demonstrates our commitment to our clients and the expertise we have provided and continue to provide. For many years now, we have enjoyed long-standing Platinum partnerships with the most trusted names in website security. Our new "specialist" status confirms the fact that: Certs 4 Less is ranked a cut above its competition.

Please contact us and speak to one of our team members about your website security requirements today.