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Digicert SSL Certificates With DSA Algorithm:

What is DSA?

DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm) is a U.S. government-approved and certified encryption algorithm that was developed by the National Security Agency in 1991 as an alternative to the current standard RSA algorithm. It offers the same level of security and performance as RSA, but uses a different mathematical algorithm for signing and encryption. A DSA key pair will be the same size as the equivalent RSA key.

Key Benefits of DSA

  • Keep up with evolving government requirements
    The DSA algorithm has been embraced by federal agencies. As a result, installing a certificate that supports DSA encryption makes it easier to meet the requirements of government contracts and standards, including the impending move to 2048-bit encryption.

  • Enhanced Security
    The DSA algorithm provides the same level of security and performance as the RSA algorithm but uses a different, less commonly used mathematical algorithm. We include both RSA and DSA options in our SSL certificates at no additional cost.

  • Flexibility
    You can choose to run just RSA, just DSA, or both to enhance your website security. Running multiple algorithms together helps protect your data with a broader array of encryption options. For example, some webservers can support both RSA and DSA certificates in tandem on a single webserver. The result: You maximize your ecosystem reach to everyone your company does business with.

DSA Compatibility

We know that keeping up with security requirements, compliance, and threats can be difficult, and that.s why Digicert creates solutions that will make protecting your business easier. DSA is already compatible with most servers, and is able to work alone or in tandem with an RSA certificate. You can even use RSA on certain sites or networks and DSA on others, depending on your needs.

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