SSL Coupon / Promotional Codes FAQs

At Certs 4 Less, we mean what we say. Unlike many of our competitors, when we advertise a special price for an SSL Certificate or Code Signing Certificate, the price won't change by the time you finish your order. The deal you see is the deal you get. We grow our business everyday by offering great prices and services with less hassles and total integrity.

We try to eliminate all the "fine print" we can with our offers, but that doesn't mean people won't still have questions. Read below to see if we've answered your questions. If not, please call us and we'll be happy to answer your questions and concerns.

Can I use a coupon code to make multiple purchases?
Yes you can. However, you will have to make each purchase seperately.

Can I use a coupon code to make multi-year purchases?
Each coupon will have it's own benefits. Some coupons will be for multi-year purchase, but not all.

Can I use a coupon code to buy certificates in bulk?
If you're interested in buying bulk certificates, please give us a call at 888-818-0444. We have programs for bulk purchases that are even better than our coupon prices.

A friend fowarded me a coupon they received, can I use it too?
Yes you can. We welcome new business and value the trust of our customers when they refer a friend.

I didn't enter my coupon code when I made my purchase. Can I still get the discount?
We'll honor the coupon code so long as it's still in force. Let our sales associates know as soon as possible. If the coupon period has expired, we cannot honor the discount retroactively

Will you honor a competitor's coupon?
Whenever possible we will do our best to match our competitor's offers. Please give us a call.